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  • Ian Howell: The Success of Newforma
    Using a unique approach, Ian and the Newforma team have found a way to solve primary challenges in the design and construction industry. What started as a huge leap for Ian, now has a positive impact on close to two million projects around the globe.
  • How to generate more value from document management
    The challenge of data requires a new approach to document management. The answer could be a project information management system that integrates document management with email systems and other software used to deliver projects. By Paul Daynes
  • Integrated Mobile Apps Streamline Workflows
    Mobile app providers for the AEC industry, such as Newforma, allow enterprise and construction to become increasingly connected for ultimate efficiency. “Collaboration is key”.
  • New Look Newforma
    Read about how Newforma transitioned from a strictly on-premise PIM software provider to also developing SaaS and mobile applications.
  • UCLA Hackathon Much More Than Holy Donuts
    Read how architects, engineers, project managers, coders, hackers, and tech trouble-shooters created innovative new designs at AEC Hackathon held at UCLA’s School of Architecture and Urban Design.
  • A Digitally-Built Britain
    A look toward greater efficiency and cost-savings for the construction industry with new government-backed digital technologies.
  • 10 Years of RTC Australasia
    The 2015 RTC Australasia broadened its scope with 96 educational sessions consisting of Revit, BIM, and buildingSMART standards.
  • SmartUse Featured In AECbytes Magazine
    To read AECbytes’ coverage of SmartUse, please click the above title. For more information, including free digital access to the entire Q1 2015 issue, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser:
  • Newforma Spins Off Project Analyzer
    Newforma Inc. has spun off its Newforma Project Analyzer to a new and independent company formed to focus on architecture and engineering project financial and resource management.
  • Technology And Software Rundown
    In the spirit of March Madness, vote on the most interesting project and check out a survey that reveals that contractors are organized, but not efficiently.
  • AEC Technology Updates: Construction and FM Applications
    This is the first of a two-part article series that captures the key semi-annual updates of the main developments from AEC technology vendors in the last six to seven months, following the AEC Tech Updates article that was published in the Fall.
  • Top 24 Tech Predictions
    Big data, BIM, augmented reality, drones…what else does 2015 hold for construction technology? Ten construction technology experts offer their predictions of what to expect this year.
  • Manage Project Information
    When do you prefer to have one central project information repository that all of your collaborators can access, and when is it to your advantage to maintain project information in a federated system that integrates better with in-house processes?
  • New Apps, Acquisitions and Software
    Construction technology just keeps getting better with acquisitions that will result in broader product application, apps for wall assemblies and heavy equipment testing, and video and graphics on some cool construction projects.
  • 20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers
    CIO Review selected Newforma as one of 2014’s 20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers! In this one-page overview, Newforma Vice President of Construction & Owner Solutions Dan Conery describes how the industry will double the planet’s housing and workspace by 2050.
  • BIM and the Measure of Success
    Dan Conery, Newforma’s VP of Construction Solutions, discusses how BIM is becoming a huge boon to construction productivity for many reasons, but foremost because it provides the accurate measurements that enable efficient operations such as prefabrication.
  • Acquisition Moves Data Sharing Forward
    SmartUse,, Montreal, Que., provides PDF reviewing software and the SmartUse Touch Table for the construction industry, and has been acquired by Newforma,, Manchester, N.H.
  • AEC Technology Updates, Fall 2014
    AECbytes outlines the main developments from AEC technology vendors in the last six months including the eleventh edition of Newforma Project Center.
  • Newforma releases v11 of Project Center
    Newforma has released the 11th edition of its internally-hosted Newforma Project Center platform, offering greater integration with enterprise cloud storage platforms.
  • Newforma Named to Constructech 50
    Newforma named to the Constructech 50, a listing of the most influential construction technology providers with a strong and ongoing market presence. This resource is determined by the editors of Constructech magazine and is published in the July/Aug issue of Constructech magazine. Read Article
  • Here, there and everywhere
    In this special excerpt from The Zweig Letter, Newforma Co-founder and EVP of Strategy Bob Batcheler describes why it’s so hard to manage project information, what the ideal solution looks like, and how Newforma does it differently from other vendors. Read Article
  • Apps for the Cloud: Connecting People and Projects on the Move
    Tell the truth: Have you ever neglected to attach a document to an email, or misfiled an attachment sent to you? Construction projects involve lots of people exchanging lots of information. That blizzard of emails and submittal packages creates innumerable opportunities to lose information. The construction industry’s problem is the software industry’s business opportunity. New technology products are making project management less prone to errors and omissions due to misplaced and overlooked information. Read Article
  • A Newforma Update
    Ian Howell, CEO of Newforma, discusses Newforma’s growth in Australasia and the company’s continued investment in its mobile capabilities. Read Article
  • AEC Technology Updates, Fall 2013
    AECBytes offers a semi-annual update of the main developments from AEC technology vendors in the last six to seven months including the latest developments in Newforma’s suite of tools for project information management. Read Article
  • Tech Solutions for Project Management
    Newforma recently came out with a new version of its Project Analyzer software that now includes new and enhanced features to improve design project delivery, optimize resources and maximize profitability. It’s ideal for mid/large size A/E firms with multiple locations. Read Article
  • Creating a Unified Culture
    Skender and HED broke industry ground as the first contractor-architect duo to simultaneously link to the Newforma project and information management software. The innovative program allowed them to speed their frequent communications; shorten document delivery, review and response times; and track each other’s progress. Subcontractors were set up with log-ins, so they could submit information. Read Article
  • Newforma Model Viewer
    The Newforma Model Viewer is a very useful addition to Newforma Project Center and related products from Newforma, greatly enhancing the BIM integration of the application that was started with the Newforma Add-in to Revit in the Eighth Edition two years ago. It provides the extended project team with the opportunity to actually view and navigate the models for the project they are working on, and link the relevant model views to action items, change orders, RFIs, or any other project items they are working on through Newforma Project Center. Read Article
  • Evernote for Construction?
    There is Evernote, and then there are those apps which have taken the premise of the popular productivity app and applied construction-specific functionality. In either case, it seems like a natural fit given “productivity” is at the heart of all construction projects. But which is better, Evernote or apps designed with Evernote in mind for construction? There are advocates on both sides.Read Article
  • Newforma apps get at data in field
    Newforma announced three new apps added to its mix for the AEC (architectural, engineering, construction) market. Apps for Plans, Field Notes, and Project Teams have been field tested by customers in construction, all integrated with the company’s PIM (project information management) solution, and all with the intent to execute on project delivery tasks from the field and ensure the data is current and synchronized. Read Article
  • AEC Technology Updates, Spring 2013
    In the last AEC Technology Updates article published in Fall 2012, we looked at three significant acquisitions and partnerships that Newforma had made recently: the acquisition of Attolist and its AEC-Sync web-based construction collaboration software; the acquisition of Tap Tapas, a software application studio specializing in mobile solutions; and the partnership with M-SIX to allow licensing of its VEO platform for viewing Revit models. Newforma has just announced major new releases of its entire product family, one of the key features of which is the successful integration of these acquisitions and partnership. Read Article
  • Managing systems across multiple offices
    Managing systems across multiple offices Keeping lines of communication open is critical to a firm’s success and firms are taking full advantage of technology to make it happen. Read Article
  • Managing Project Integration Efforts
    Managing Project Integration Efforts What does it truly mean to be integrated? For some it means linking together the critical technology systems within the company. For others, that means extending out to external partners. For others still that means trying to get a better handle on all the data associated with a construction project. Each…
  • Project information in the field: I need it now, and I need it current
    The contractor’s days of walking back and forth between the jobsite and trailer are soon ending. By syncing Newforma Mobile Apps with enterprise software in the office, you’ll have access to all of your key project documents. Just as importantly, you’ll have tools to communicate and collaborate with your project team in ways that are easier, clearer, and more seamless. Read Article
  • Constructech 2013 Commercial Top Products: The Road Ahead
    Constructech 2013 Commercial Top Products: The Road Ahead A convergence of trends is driving construction companies and corporate owners to consider   moving off traditional legacy-based systems and   seek new solutions to keep up with the current demands   of the industry. Terms like mobile, BIM (building   information modeling), and collaboration aren’t just   buzzwords anymore. Rather, these…
  • Get More from Project Connection Technology
    Project information management (PIM) software gives contractors a secure workflow and reliable notification and tracking processes. It lets firms know which subcontractors are working from which files, and ensures the entire team is on the same page for the coordination process. Read Article
  • Newforma Strives to Make PIM More Widely Accessible
    Newforma is acquiring Attolist, developer of the AEC-Sync software package. Newforma’s addition of AEC-Sync supports its goal of providing AEC professionals with the range of technology platforms for optimal project delivery, including cloud-based and mobile platforms. Read Article
  • Collaborate in the Cloud
    The construction industry has seen a flurry of acquisition activity as of late, most of which are aimed at combining and advancing BIM (building information modeling) solutions. But some software providers are picking up technology with another clear agenda: to build out a cloud strategy. Read Article
  • Soft Power
    Newforma is one of six companies highlighted in this coverage that looks at how the steady organic growth of engineering and project managing software in every corner of the construction industry is an ongoing process but the full range of benefits is poorly understood, and this is stalling adoption in the GCC. Read Article
  • New Tech Solutions for Engineering Firms
    Newforma PIM solution currently is used by more than 450,000 professionals in the AEC/O industries. To better serve the diverse spectrum of its AEC/O customers, Newforma has divided its PIM solution into three distinct product suites to serve architects and engineers, construction professionals, and owners. Read Article
  • Two Gretzky-Inspired Process Trends for Builders
    If you’re using software that was built to manage paper, think of it as fully depreciated and ready to replace. And if you’re using software that does not integrate with vital systems such as email and your network, look for alternatives. Newforma VP of Construction Solutions Dan Conery discusses these two trends that builders, architects, and engineers should be watching. Read Article
  • The GCC’s cutting edge innovators
    One of Newforma’s most significant recent developments is Newforma to Newforma, a revolutionary new technology for transparent information exchange and frictionless workflows between AEC/O firms using Newforma software. Read Article
  • The GCC's cutting edge innovators
    One of Newforma’s most significant recent developments is Newforma to Newforma, a revolutionary new technology for transparent information exchange and frictionless workflows between AEC/O firms using Newforma software. Read Article
  • Newforma Construction Suite
    The Newforma Construction Suite is a project information management software system that includes three products: Newforma Preconstruction, Newforma Project Management and Newforma Field Management. Read Article
  • Newforma creates android and iPad app for punch lists
    Newforma recently released a new application for tablet devices to help construction professionals document and complete punch lists faster. Newforma Punch List is an extension of the company’s project information management (PIM) solution that is today used by more than 50,000 AEC professionals. Read Article
  • Newforma Named October “Innovation Rocks!” Award Winner
    One forward-thinking Manchester company is ensuring that the numerous teams and individuals working on AEC projects are connected seamlessly and securely to the work processes and project information they need—and in so doing, Newforma won the “Innovation Rocks!” presented by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development for the month of October. Read Article
  • AEC Magazine on Newforma Project Center
    “It’s not a dedicated resource-hungry system and works with existing folder structures and mail systems. It’s also one of the few systems that integrates with Autodesk Revit at an element level. Worthy of a consideration for linking emails to drawings and keeping track of documents sent out of the company.” Read Article
  • The Unmistakable Benefits of BIM Enhanced with PIM
    By connecting the people and processes surrounding the BIM design process with the information behind the model, PIM software enables broader project team input to the building information management process. At the same time, team members gain the ability to use information taken from the model to drive adjacent or downstream project processes, such as managing building elements and related action items.Read Article
  • Keeping an "I" on Project Delivery
    While people are the key, new technologies assist IPD teams in doing their work. Newforma is offering PIM (project information management) tools to facilitate integrated project delivery. Read Article
  • Synchronicity!
    The latest version of Newforma’s Project Information Management application integrates with Revit to provide synchronous data exchange with the building model. Read Article
  • Taking PIM Beyond E-mail
    Building Design & Construction gives thumbs up to Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition and its three new modules: Newforma Mobile, Newforma Add-in for Autodesk Revit, and Newforma Contract Management. Contributing Editor Jeff Yoders calls Eighth Edition a robust upgrade to a product that was already the PIM category’s undisputed leader. Read Article
  • Newforma Adds Mobile Functionality, Revit Connectivity, and Contract Management
    Newforma recently announced not only a significant upgrade to its core product, Newforma Project Center, but also three new add-on modules designed to help architecture, engineering, and construction firms optimize work processes that require integration with BIM (building information modeling), increased mobility, greater transparency, and improved accountability. Read Article
  • Newforma Project Center Finds Discrepancies between BIM Models and Contract Docs
    Kristine Fallon Associates outlines a procedure whereby they leverage technology to reconcile the information in the contract documents with that in the architect’s design model, greatly reducing the risks associated with failing to spot discrepancies. Until BIM-generated models function as contract documents, this procedure is a practical way to make the design model more useful to contractors, subcontractors, and the larger project team. Read Article
  • BIM could be better: Ask for links!
    If you work with project information such as email decision trails, RFIs, submittals and action items – and you know you do – could you gain by being able to link it to specific locations in the model? Newforma executives Ian Howell and Bob Batcheler make the case for bi-directional links to and from any location within a BIM. Read Article
  • Managing the “I” in BIM with Project Information Management
    Information managment systems abound these days in the AEC industry, and because there is so much information, there is a need to manage it from different perspectives. Newforma’s Project Information Management (PIM) software is one of those technologies, focused on the project management aspect of AEC workflows. Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition is the newest release, which has built-in ubiquitous access to shared information, shared responsibility, integrated project delivery, transparency and much more. Read Article
  • Managing the "I" in BIM with Project Information Management
    Information managment systems abound these days in the AEC industry, and because there is so much information, there is a need to manage it from different perspectives. Newforma’s Project Information Management (PIM) software is one of those technologies, focused on the project management aspect of AEC workflows. Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition is the newest release, which has built-in ubiquitous access to shared information, shared responsibility, integrated project delivery, transparency and much more. Read Article
  • PIM Pushes Further into Construction
    As contractors try and get their arms around another acronym—PIM—and what it might mean to their organization, it could be another recently released product from Newforma that captures their attention. Newforma Contract Management provides a platform for tracking construction phase and contract administration workflows on a job. This includes things like RFIs (requests for information), submittals, change orders, addenda, and punchlists, among others. Read Article
  • Converting to Electronic Submittals Management
    The architecture firm, Perkins+Will, and the MEP engineering firm, Environmental Systems Design, for the Rush University Medical Center use Newforma project information management software to heal an ailing submittals management process. Read Article
  • Using technology to enable IPD
    Newforma Senior Technical Advisor, Jim Forester P.E., highlights how five innovative design and engineering firms are using software for project information management (PIM) to enable integrated project delivery’s (IPD) ideals of transparency, information sharing, accountability and effective use of building information modeling. Read Article
  • Virtualize Your Office
    More and more software providers in the construction industry are making announcements about offering their products in a virtualized environment. This gives firms in the AEC industry the flexibility to decide if they would like to run the software on a physical server or in a virtual environment. Read Article
  • PIM Puts International Project on Firm Footing
    The SP-SSA International Terminal in South Vietnam presents all the civil engineering challenges that go with constructing a modern container terminal over an intertidal salt marsh. One such challenge for consulting firm BergerABAM is managing the flood of project information generated by team members in Panama, Mexico, Vietnam, and the United States. Newforma project information management software brings efficiency, mitigates risk, and drives accountability on this complex project across different time zones. Read Article
  • A Personal View of Newforma as a Process and Information Model Tool
    Attendees of two recent London conferences on building information modeling voiced their frustration with BIM work processes. Always the problem-solver, Terry Nichols, HOK’s former director of emerging technologies, compiled this primer on using Newforma’s software for project information management to guide, monitor, capture and improve the BIM process. Read Article
  • Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on IPD
    Project information management makes it possible. “Building information modeling, for instance, is part of the answer,” according to Newforma CEO and former architect Ian Howell. “But not a silver bullet. All of the supporting documents—environmental analyses, cost estimates, specifications, etc.—need to be readily accessible to the right people at the tight time, as well. This is the essence of project information management, and combined with BIM, IPD is possible.” Read Article
  • Managing the “I” in BIM
    Managing the ‘I’ in BIM is complicated by the fact that no single model contains all of the information about a building or infrastructure project. “The reality is actually a federated project model,” says Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell. Read Article
  • Managing the "I" in BIM
    Managing the ‘I’ in BIM is complicated by the fact that no single model contains all of the information about a building or infrastructure project. “The reality is actually a federated project model,” says Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell. Read Article
  • There Are 4 P’s in Practice
    KA Connect is a tribe of AEC industry professionals who are reinventing the way that they build teams, develop methodology, and leverage technology to foster a culture of organizational learning. In this video from the 2010 conference, Bob Batcheler shows the tribe how to turn information into knowledge. You’ll also get some excellent book recommendations along the way. Read Article
  • Lean Design using Microsoft Office Excel and Newforma Project Center
    Boulder Associates Principal Romano Nickerson and Senior Associate Todd Henderson show how lean design using Excel spreadsheets and Newforma Project Center captures and tracks three key metrics: planned percent complete or PPC; tasks anticipated; and variance. The healthcare architecture firm used this method of project management to complete a $4 million medical imaging center in 85 percent of the time originally scheduled. Read Article
  • Revisiting "International Developments" from the 2006 Report on Integrated Practice
    The ninth segment of 2009 and Beyond revisits International Developments, written by Ian Howell for the 2006 Report on Integrated Practice. Ian Howell, CEO of Newforma, Inc., sat down recently with Markku Allison, AIA, to discuss his 2006 essay and how the topics of international development and integrated practice go hand in hand and remain valid issues for practitioners today. Read Article
  • PIM is the new buzzword in the A/E world
    This Zweig Letter article on project information management software contrasts Newforma Project Center with alternatives. Quotes by Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell and Steffian Bradley Architects Principal and Chief Information Officer Spencer Warncke clarify the Newforma advantage. Read Article
  • Document Management Challenges and Trends
    Newforma Project Center is not document management software per se, but in its role as AEC project information management software, it certainly performs some document managenet functions. ConnectPress Editor Lauren Browne talks to Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell about managing AEC documents in this article, which appeared in sister ConnectPress publicatons. Read Article
  • Newforma Seventh Edition re-engineered to support any e-mail program
    For five years Jeff Yoders covered IT, CAD, and BIM for Building Design+Construction magazine. Now he’s blogging full time about the latest news and products for the AEC industries. Here, Jeff reports on Newforma Project Center Seventh Edition’s support for non-Outlook e-mail applications such as Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes and web-based e-mail applications such as Google’s Gmail. Read Article
  • Controlling Digital Documents with Project Information Management (PIM) Software
    Project information management (PIM) software is a new category of technology designed to tackle the growing challenge of managing electronic documents and digital workflow by architects, engineers and contractors. In this “Insights” column in Structure magazine, a publication of the National Council of Engineers Associations (NCSEA), Newforma Vice President Bob Batcheler describes how PIM software offers much more than simple efficiency in day-to-day operations. It also mitigates risks. Read Article
  • Using Newforma Project Center to Drive the BIM Markup Process
    Craig Stauffer, S.E., and Steve Farvour, S.E., of PCS Structural Solutions, show how project information management (PIM) software has enabled their team members to more efficiently collaborate on model-based design projects. Read Article
  • Looking Beyond BIM to Business Information
    A new AECBytes Viewpoint article examines the the role of agcXML in streamlining information exchange. Newforma and Vico Software are leading the use of the agcXML schema as a basis for information exchange and product integration. Read “Looking Beyond BIM to Business Information: The Role of agcXML in Streamlining Information Exchange,” by Grunley Construction Company Director of Integrated Project Delivery Systems Michael Tardif, Assoc. AIA, CSI, LEED AP. Read Article
  • Digital dividends: a day in the life of a civil engineering project manager
    Digital technologies are changing the shape of everyday tasks required to manage projects, capture decisions, modify plans, and share information with larger project teams. Here, Jordan, Jones & Goulding Associate and Senior Project Manager Ed Culican, P.E., shows how a new breed of software applications is saving time, reducing the risk of errors, and improving responsiveness to clients. Read Article
  • New Partnership Pushes Interoperability
    This article in Constructech magazine, the industry’s advocate for the technology needs of the construction professional, focuses on software vendors who are integrating products using the Associated General Contractors’ agcXML specification. Read Article
  • Electronic Information in Formation: digital submittals, sharing and storage
    Brett Wilbur, CSI, CCS, AIA, of Page Southerland Page LLP in Houston, compares Newforma Project Center project information management software to Attolist, Submittal Exchange, Buzzsaw, FTP sites and email. TO FIND THE ARTICLE, click the “Features” drop-down menu in the upper left, and select the bottom title, “Electronic Information in Formation,” or go to page 54. Read Article
  • Project Information Management: Email Is Just the Beginning
    Newforma Vice President of Industry Marketing and Product Management Bob Batcheler describes how PIM software reduces administrative overhead and improves the quality of information for AEC professionals. Examples from Maryland-based Grunley Construction, with remarks by Grunley Vice President and General Manager Greg Druga, illustrate key points. Read Article
  • How Project Information Management Sharpens Our Focus on Clients and Designs
    With the economic downturn early in 2009, Andrew Hollomon had to reprioritize his information technology plan for Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects. One thing that didn’t budge was a five-point plan to improve operational efficiency. In this Viewpoint article, Andrew describes how he achieved his goals in less time and lower cost than anticipated. Read Article
  • Collaboration, Project Management & Project Information Management Solutions in AEC
    In this AECbytes feature article, Founder and Editor Lachmi Khemlani examines three software solutions that improve information sharing, raise accountability, heighten transparency, remove redundancy and reduce duplication of content. Newforma Project Center tops the list. Screen captures illustrate ways to manage LEED-related action items, clarify requests for information and share large files with external team members. Read Article
  • Managing Project Communication
    In the GEOlympics edition of the United Kingdom’s GeoConnexion magazine, Océ (UK) Limited Senior Product Marketing Manager Damian Ashurst describes how processes to manage paper documents no longer apply in the digital age. How can AEC professionals manage the flood of emails and FTP (file transfer protocol) exchanges that result in the course of large development projects? Read Article
  • Successful IT and Software Adoption in an A/E Firm
    Director of Technology Linda Letourneau has posted impressive information technology satisfaction scores at LandDesign, a seven-office, 280-person planning, architecture and engineering firm based in Charlotte, N.C. In a new Viewpoint article in AECbytes, Linda explains the philosophy behind their IT success. Read Article
  • AEC Software by the Clock
    Industry analyst and consultant Jerry Laiserin writes about the consolidation of AEC/O software into three broad categories, including Newforma’s solution for project information management (PIM). Jerry writes, “PIM combines everything from contracts to construction administration and resource scheduling, often with an added dose of data management, e-mail management, and project collaboration. The leading proponent of this approach is Newforma. … Architecture and engineering firms that once faced a dozen or more mostly incompatible point solution programs, plus home-brewed and custom-written software, now enjoy the much simpler and better integrated option of selecting one each from the PSA, PIM, and BIM categories.” Read Article
  • Newforma Release Enriched by New Partnerships Managing Editor Susan Smith writes, “Project information management (PIM) joins the ranks of acronymed solutions available for managing the large volume of disparate information critical to architectural and engineering projects. Noteworthy in that category is Newforma Project Center Fifth Edition project information management solution from Newforma. After using the product, now customers are giving feedback and report significant savings.” Read Article
  • Two Steps Forward, No Going Back: Using Technology to Gain a Strategic Advantage
    Four years ago, the architecture and planning firm Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company created a strategic technology committee to see what leading firms were doing to improve project delivery. The people of Hanbury Evans felt that the technology they had, from CAD to communications, was inefficient at a time when clients were demanding more in less time. In this Viewpoint article, Design Principal Stephen C. Wright, who chaired the firm’s strategic technology committee, reflects on the changes that have restored the firm’s operational excellence. Read Article
  • Streamlining Submittals
    In this quick-reading article in the Zweig A/E Marketing Letter, Khrista Treretola quotes architects and engineers who are wrestling with cumbersome submittals management processes — and are finding ways to make those processes more efficient. LMN Architects, for example, estimates it’s saving 220 hours per project! Read Article
  • Data Retrieval
    Sharing, retrieving and disseminating information on large international projects has become incredibly complex, given the collaborative nature of the practice. In this article, J. Denis Seguin, OAA, OAQ, who is the Canadian director of service delivery and principal of Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, describes how HOK uses Revit, Newforma Project Center and other technologies to work with firms spread across many cities and time zones. Read Article
  • Take the nightmare out of managing your email
    Associate Editor Jeff Yoders reports that AEC firms are under pressure to manage the overflow of information flooding their offices. Technology solutions tend to focus on contractors, not on architecture and engineering firms, while enterprise content management solutions are pricey and not a good fit. Quotes by CIO Joseph Talamantez of Chicago-based A/E firm OWP/P bring the case to life. Read Article
  • Engineering Inc.
    Psomas Chairman Timothy G. Psomas, P.E., speaks with Newforma’s Bob Kahr at the ACEC 2006 National Conference on the Built Environment. Read Article
  • Managing the e-mail avalanche
    Newforma Vice President of Product Management and Industry Marketing Bob Batcheler describes how more efficient project information management eases the engineer’s task of filing and finding project information. Read Article
  • The Purpose-Driven Exchange of Information
    The Purpose-Driven Exchange of Information Newforma CEO Ian Howell and Vice President of Product Management and Industry Marketing Bob Batcheler discuss how a process-centric view of project information provides the right information to the right people at the right time. Read Article